4 Best Image Hosting Sites to Upload All Your Images

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Sharing pictures or a gallery to friends, family or strangers on the internet can be really fun and addicting. In fact, millions of people communicate and upload pictures every single day. This is why everyone uses image hosting sites to upload and share images quickly and easily.

With some research you can find the best site to satisfy your upload needs. Some websites have more features than the others and some websites are more complicated than the others. So, to make it easier, here is our list of best free image hosting sites that you can use.


Imgur is the main image hosting site for many popular websites or forums, the biggest one is probably Reddit. You can upload any picture you want without signing up for an account. Simply click upload an image and share the link. You can drag an image into the upload box. 

It’s very easy to direct link or embed the image from Imgur. You can upload JPG, PNG, PNG, TIF, GIF, JPEG and many more. If you want more features such as gallery, comment, favorite, and etc. you can register for an account for free.


If you’re already familiar with Photobucket, you’ll be familiar with TinyPic, as it’s owned by the former. You can upload pictures without signing up, just upload and share. You can add tags to your pictures if you want to. The tags will make your picture more discoverable. 

There is a limit to the pictures you upload, such as TinyPic only supports JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP files, up to 100 MB only, upload one image at a time, pictures can’t be bigger than 1600 pixels in length or width and five minutes of video. Also, if your picture hasn’t been viewed for 90 days, it will be automatically removed.

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Flickr has a huge database of images. Many people have been using Flickr to get pictures for their websites or businesses, thanks to many photographers who are using Flickr to share their pictures for free. 

Flickr offers free hosting, editing tools, and photo albums. It’s also a social media in some way where you interact with other users. Flickr has a lot of different categories of pictures that you can choose to make it easier to search for a picture or tag your own. You can leave comments, likes and of course share pictures.


SmugMug is similar to Flickr only less known. There are many photographers who upload their pictures in this platform. SmugMug doesn’t have the social media features like in Flickr, but you can upload, view and share pictures.

The catch is, you have to pay for an account to use SmugMug. The price starts from $40 per year to $300 per year. The more expensive the plan is the more storage you’ll get. If you’re a photographer and looking for a platform to store your pictures like a professional, SmugMug could be a great choice.