6 Best Logo Contest Sites to Earn Money

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Logo contest sites are like a goldmine for many freelancers all over the world. It’s an excellent way for many designers to participate, build network and portfolio and make money. These sites not only benefit freelancers but also clients who want to have their own logo design at an affordable price, easy and quick way to look for a freelancer, and provide many options to choose from.

Logo design contest sites are really good to gain more exposure too, so if you don’t win any competition, don’t let that discourage you. This is why having plenty of options is a great asset for you. The more websites you participate in, the more exposure and chance to win you’ll get.

So, here are some of the best logo contest sites for you to use.


Freelancer is a very big website for freelancer. They also help freelancer to get clients by creating many design contests in the website. Some of the most popular design contests are business card, logo, and company website. Thanks to its size and exposure level, there are hundred or even thousands of clients looking for freelancers. 


DesignCrowd is a website created for designers from all over the world to gather and offer their services. The list of design contests is so many, around 700 thousand to be more precise, that it’s impossible to list them one by one. Feel free to take your time and read the list of categories they have. Some people said that they’re looking for tattoo artists who can design the best tattoo, so if you’re a tattoo artist you better start now.

Logo Arena

Logo Arena is a website for expert designers who can make the best design possible. If you believe you can make top quality designs, Logo Arena could be the best place to start working. On average, a contest could last for up to 10 days to give enough time for participants to come up with the best product for the design contest. They also give tips for newcomers to be able to settle in.

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48 Hours Logo

48 Hours Logo is a simple website for logo designers. Sign up for an account, log in and start participating in any contest that is going on. There are so many categories and industries that you can choose. 


99designs has been around for a very long time, and used by so many freelancers everywhere in the world, including those who are successful in the industry. It’s so popular that there is always a new design created for every few seconds. This also makes 99designs one of the most active and popular sites for design contest today.


Contrast to 99designs, DesignHill is fairly new to the industry. Launched back in 2014 and based in India, it has become a major website. DesignHill offers prize money for the winners of their logo contests. The prize can go as high as $700.