Free Logo Maker! Create Your Own Logo with Wix Logo Maker

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Logo is the face of a company. For every businessman out there, who wants to launch their business to be bigger every day, logo can be a very powerful weapon. The purpose of a logo is to help a company to be remembered by the public, a good logo will be remembered for many years by millions of people.


Due to its importance, making a logo can be a lengthy and costly process. Now you must be wondering is it worth it to create your own logo with something like Wix Logo Maker, the answer is a bit complicated but we’ll explain it to you as simple as possible.

Know the process of making a logo

Logo can be many things, from simple to very complex one. Even the most complex logo can take a very long time to make and could cost a lot of money too. in this article we’re talking about DIY process of making a logo. Here are some pros and cons of making a logo using a logo maker:


  • If you’re already good at designing a logo, this will save a lot of money and time in hiring a logo designer. 
  • You’re free to be as creative as possible in designing your own logo.


  • Many experts don’t recommend designing your own logo as the result could be subpar.
  • You might not have the time to design a finished logo as you have to think about other aspect of your business.

If you’re still sure about designing your logo, you can use Wix Logo Maker to design the best logo for your business. Using a logo maker such as this one is a great solution to make a logo that is more affordable and suitable. Especially if you have a limited budget on a logo and don’t have much time to spare. 

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Using a specialized software like this is way better than using a online free logo maker. The downside is that by using a logo maker, it might limit the creativity and uniqueness of your logo. If you’re okay with that let’s continue on how to make your own logo with Wix Logo Maker.

How to create your own logo

Open the logo maker and enter the name of your business. The name of your business will be displayed on your logo. You may also add a tagline to convey more message to the public. Next, is fill-in your business and pick the best way to describe it. This is an important step as the logo maker now will decide what is the best mood and tone for your logo. 

You’ll be presented with a few logo options, choose the ones suit your brand. And then you’ll see a bunch of automatically generated logo versions, choose your favorite among the list. Now, you can customize your logo design to make it more unique and personalized. This is your chance to make your logo looks like exactly how you want it.

And that’s it, now you can download your logo. Make sure to show it to everyone to know what they’re thinking of your new logo.