7 Most Trusted Payment Processing Companies In The World

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Sending or receiving money in 2020 can’t be easier than ever before. With hundreds of payment processing companies available to use by anyone in the world, there is no more excuse to be late at sending or receiving payments from overseas.

The problem is you need to do your own research to find the best payment processor before you start making any kind of transaction on any website. No one wants to have any problem when it comes to money, everything has to be smooth and secure or there will be no trust on these companies.

So, here are some of the most trusted companies that you can use to send or receive money from anywhere in the world.


Due is created specifically to help freelancers, small businesses and companies receive their payments. With Due, freelancers can send invoices to their clients as quickly as possible. Due offers time tracking, project management, and customizable invoice. Due makes sure that your business is well-received online. Due supports more than 100 languages, currencies and even tax systems.


Who doesn’t know PayPal nowadays? The name PayPal has become synonymous for a payment processing company. Since its conception in 1998, PayPal has been going strong. PayPal operates in more than 200 countries and supports 26 currencies. Another great thing about PayPal is its integration support with personal websites and many other things to process payments and can be accessed via a web browser, app, or reader. You can also make and send invoices via PayPal.

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Payline Data

Payline Data is a strong competitor to PayPal. Payline Data allows merchants to accept payments in-store, online and mobile apps. There are also other kinds of integration such as customer insights and QuickBooks. Payline Data is also famous for their great customer service.


Adyen is fairly new, it was founded in 2006. It’s a global payment processing company based in Amsterdam. It allows users to send and receive money online via mobile or in person. There are now more than 250 payment methods in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Adyen is well on its way to become a major player in global e-commerce.


Stripe is very customizable, and if you want a payment processor that fits all your needs, Stripe might be the one you’re looking for. It was designed for developers to customize their APIs to make the best product for their business. Stripe accepts credit card, debit card and bitcoin in more than 130 different currencies.


Square uses magstripe reader, contactless, chip reader to convert your phone into a payment machine. It’s also very customizable and can fit with many kinds of businesses, from restaurants to freelancers and even big transportation companies everywhere in the world.


BitPay was founded in 2011, so it’s still fairly new to the industry. But, it’s already one of the largest bitcoin payment providers in the world. if you’re into bitcoin and want to move your wealth around, BitPay could assist you with that.