Can Data Recovery Services Help You Recover Your Data?

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Losing important data isn’t just stressful but can also cost you a lot of money, and we’re not only talking about the data lost but also paying data recovery services hoping that you can get your data back. Since the cost isn’t cheap a lot of people are skeptical about paying these services.

What is data recovery?

When data is stored on any device, there is only a matter of time until you experience a data loss or failure. The risk can be mitigated by backing up the data regularly to another device, but ther
e is still a chance of data loss especially for small companies or individuals be it from accident or natural disaster.

Data recovery companies give hope to data owners to make a dead storage device back to life and extract all the important data in it. The question remains, can data recovery services help you recover your data? To get the answer let’s talk about what you can expect from these services.


Many good companies have a no-data, no-charge policy. That means if the device is so damaged and nothing inside it is recoverable, you won’t be charged with anything. This is good for the customers.

Another thing is that some data recovery companies only estimate the cost of data recovery after you’ve sent your device to them. They need to take a look at it before they can determine before they can take the next step.

Some companies might charge several hundred dollars and a minor mechanical failure can increase the cost to a thousand dollar or more. Major mechanical failure costs several thousand dollars and a dead RAID array can go as high as tens of thousands of dollars.

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Important features of hard drive recovery services
Here are some pointers on what to look for:

  • The option to send recovered data digitally
  • Rush service for critical data
  • Upfront estimate of charges
  • Data recovery services come to you for ultrasensitive devices
  • Authorized by the manufacturer
  • Complete data wipe when the work is done a
  • Clean and specialized room for hardware examination and repairs

Data Recovery

The good news is that these data recovery companies are able to revive dead storage drives even when the drives have been dead for a long time. providing that you do your own research on which data recovery companies are reliable.

Hard drive recovery is the most common type of service out there and in 2020 many companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help them recovering the data. This brings the success rate higher than ever before.
For a good recovery company, they can extract a big portion of the data even from a drive that is thought to be dead but don’t expect to get every single file back. In other words, if you have the money and the data is crucial for you or your company, you should send the storage drives to a data recovery company as soon as possible.